A Touch of Spring Floral Arrangement


Tulle and Trinkets

Now that the holidays are over, can we please fast forward to spring? While Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, January through March has to be my least favorite. With nothing but snow and freezing temperatures in sight, I went with a springlike look for my latest floral arrangement. A girl can dream, right? Spring blooms in pretty pink, purple, and yellow are brightening our bedroom dresser and giving me a glimmer of hope that spring is somewhere around the corner…..

DIY Dresser Floral Arrangement

You will need: 2 white lilies, 2 purple iris, 3 pink wax flowers, 2 pink larkspur, 3 pink carnations, 2 yellow mini carnations, 4 leatherleaf, 3 myrtle, 2 lemon leaf, a vase or bowl, water mixed with floral preservative, clear waterproof floral tape, scissors/clippers/or knife (I use Oasis brand scissors and this knife).

DIY Dresser Floral Arrangement

1. Mix floral preservative with water and fill container. Tape a…

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